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About Us

  Our location is unique because we are situated in a large hair salon, A Shear Happening.  They offer specialized hair services and an excellent nail salon for manicures and pedicures.  We have coexisted for 35 years and each department has put forth the best in their respective field.


  Product knowledge is an ongoing lesson as each skin care company develops and enhances their line.  Educational seminars keep us informed and help us choose the best options for your skin needs.  New and exciting things are always brought to you through our advancements.


  Microderm, Vascutouch, LED. Bio Needling, Planing and Cryoprobe are some of the methods used to accomplish your desired results.   These machines and methods help the skin maintain a fresh look and feel, remove broken capillaries, stimulate collagen and remove brown spots.

Ask your skin care professional her advice in choosing the best options.