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Several specialized skin care lines are used professionally and sold to use at home.  This permits us to customize what is best for your skin.   By discussing your needs during the analysis we can suggest facials and home care use to help reach your goals.

Some of the lines we carry are pure decadence.  Not only will your skin glow but the products feel luxurious with a delicious scent. This often promotes more regular use.  Some are simple and clean.  Some are quite aggressive. Each is unique and offers something the others do not.

If you are not happy with your skin and a change is desired we also have more aggressive lines. Various acids utilized in serums and creams cause rapid or gentle results, depending on strength and usage. Peptides and Vitamin C strengthen the matrix of the skin and accomplish tightening with nodiscomfort.  All of this can be overwhelmimg. We will recommend what is best for your specific needs.  Sometimes that means using more than 1 company.  We do not try to oversell.  If you use too many things when we begin it can become confusing.

Rarely is a skin care line perfect for all skin types.  What one person needs could be completely different for another.  That is the purpose for offering so many choices.