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Body Treatments

Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound has been all the rage in Europe.  After getting FDA approval we can offer this in the U.S.  It reduces fat by piercing the fat cell wall with an ultrasonic current. This creates leakage which you  massage it into your lymphatic drainage system.  Drinking water and walking to help flush it through.  Sound simple?  It really works.


We offer a range of body massages, basic Swedish up to Deep Tissue. The pressure applied is discussed before the massage begins. Hot Rock Massage is our most popular. The heat allows deep tension to melt away. If you haven’t tried this before, you might want to give it a try. Separate hand and foot massages are also offered. This can be done with or without any other treatment. Sloughing for the entire body is a wonderful luxury. It is followed by deep moisture or manually applied tanning.



Massage     1 Hour  $90                                  Cavi-Lipo                    Package of 10
                  Half Hour  $50                         15 minutes  $50            15 min. - $400
Stone Massage 1 Hour  $110                      20 minutes  $75             20 min. - $600
Hand Massage  15 minutes  $25                 30 minutes $100            30 min. - $800

Foot Massage 15 minutes $30.00                40 minutes $125           40  min. - $1000
                                                                50 minutes $150           50 min. - $1200
Sluff & Buff Moisture  $110                         60 minutes $175            60 min. - $1400
Sluff & Tan (manually)  $110                      
Light Treatment Hands  $15                                  LOOK ON  SPECIALS PAGE
Microderm Hands  $35