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   Our wax of choice is made with chocolate and imported from France.  It is quite gentle and causes little or no irritation. A gentle peel off wax is also offered for anyone with extremely sensitive skin or anyone using a strong topical.

   Cleanliness and sterility matter.  We do not redip.   
    We have quite a following with eyebrow shaping.  If you would like to have a consult or just try someone new please give us a try.

    Now offering a faster brazilian.


Eyebrow  $17
Lip  $13
Chin, Sideburn or Neck  $7-$10
Bikini Basic (includes stomach)  $33
Bikini Extreme (a lot but not all)  $43
Brazilian (all off– a little remaining if preferred)  $62  NEW WAX MUCH FASTER
Stomach (without bikini) $15-$20
Full Leg (with bikini) $75 (with bikini extreme $85)  (with Brazilian $62)
Lower Leg (includes knees)  $45
Lower Leg & Bikini $59 (& Bikini Extreme $64)  (& Brazilian $85)
Upper Leg & Bikini $59  (& Bikini Extreme $69) (& Brazilian $85)
Underarm  $20
Breasts  $20
Half Arm $32
Full Arm  $42
Back $50 and up
Lower Back  $22