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Make up Application

   The first question always asked is, “I won’t look over made, will I?” The ultimate goal is to look flawless and still feel like you.   We can apply make up according to your specification.  Simple, elegant, sophisticated or dramatic; the choice is yours.  We will suggest the best for the occasion, but ultimately it is up to you.
    We use a private label company with many different products and we carry most of them.  A mineral powder make up is also available.  It provides enough density to cover all skin types, while allowing your skin to feel make up free. 
   Air brush make up is also something we offer for the person who needs longevity and the ability to maintain the look achieved. Even after perspiring it looks perfect.

Our Blinc liners and mascara will not run even if you cry.

   We do wedding parties so please call and save the date.
    Eyelash application is available upon request.



Make up Application  $55
Air Brush Make up  $80
Make up Lesson  $65
Strip Eyelash Application  $20
Custom Mineral Powder  $50