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Our facials range between a basic facial to advanced chemical peels.  Every treatment involves skin analysis, deep cleansing plus a facial and shoulder massage. All facials include the following; enzymes or mild acids help to eliminate surface skin cells which contribute toward dull looking or luster lacking skin.  Steam allows your pores to open and permits easier extraction.  Masks are chosen according to your skin.

Our range of facial treatments include Microderm,  Vitamin C, Mild to Deeper Chemical Peels, Bio Needling, Dermal Planing, Oxygen, Pulse Light, Deep Moisture, Essential Oil Aromatherapy  & Collagen to name a few. 

Your needs and desires help determine the best course for your skin. The esthetician will discuss everything before moving ahead. Healthy skin is always a forefront in all decisions.    Every skin care line we sell also offers facial treatment specialties.  We offer those, too.


Basic Facial 1 Hour  $85
Facial Treatment 1 – 1 ½ Hours  $100 - $150
Chemical Peels  $65 - $350  Prices vary with intensity of acid
Microderm  (45 minutes) $110
Microderm with Facial (1 15 min – 1 ½ Hours) $175
Light Emitted Diode (15 minutes)  $50
Capillary Treatment (15 minutes)  $85

Bio Needling $50 With LED $75
 Neck Treatment  $35
Eye Treatment  $25
Eyelash Dye  $38
Eyebrow Dye  $16
Cryoprobe (Removal of dark spots)  $25 and Up